The Evolution of CALIBRE | Artsy Audio Podcast #022

Pure love through music…

As I was scrolling through the list of drum & bass producers, I noticed Calibre’s name.

The impulse came from my flatmate recently turning into a deep D&B DJ, with me being unwillingly surrounded by these vibes.

I didn’t expect much, thinking he’s just another great producer leading a pretty ordinary life. I knew the tracks are going to be top-notch, but…


Little did I know what kind of personality he is!

A recovered alcoholic that got his jaw broken. An album written on a lone island in the middle of a blizzard. Ideologies breaking the typical establishment. A man who prefers to have small number of gigs…

This is easily the most interesting producer I came around during this Artsy Audio Podcast journey.

Tune in and let’s enjoy this together. One love! <3





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/written by Andy