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Andy is the founder and has crush on (female) vocals in drum & bass.

Originally from Slovakia, he was fortunate enough to begin his music business career with the biggest local d&b promoter, helping to organise events with brands like Let It Roll, Hospitality, Blackout, Critical or Drum & Bass Arena.

Andy came to London to get even closer to what has changed his life. Eventually starting his own venture, he aims to give back what has the genre given him – everyday happiness.



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Fedi a.k.a. MINIKIN is an aspiring deep d&b DJ and plans to marry Alix Perez.

Originally from, you guessed that right, Slovakia, Federika worked for the second biggest d&b promoter, organising events under RAM Records or Methlab brands.

She came to London because someone told there are great parties. She’s still there, so it was probably a reliable source.



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